Data Analysis

Noise & Vibration

Engineering Workstation
The industry’s most advanced test engineering tool for remote monitoring, test plan modifications & critical data analysis.

With Engineering Workstation, you can monitor in real time, analyze, and modify test stations remotely. You can filter test results, analyze data, modify test sequences, add models, transfer the information to production stands, and much more. Engineering Workstation is an invaluable tool that helps to improve efficiency & knowledge of your products & processes. Engineering Workstation runs on your laptop or computer and connects to both test stations & databases.

Histograms, Correlations & more
We make it easy to differentiate between stand & part problems, analyze limits and improve quality.

Straight out of the box, we offer the most commonly used techniques to analyze product & process quality & improve production startups. Our data analysis tools interface to both the database & directly with stands to give you insight to what your biggest quality problems are. Histograms, paretos, correlation (XY) plots, limits re-analysis & suggestions, First Time Accept, First Time Quality, and much more. All data can be exported and saved. Best of all, you can easily drill down in the filtered list of tests to open actual test data & oscope.

An extremely powerful digital oscilloscope with built-in waveform analyses, overlays, stripcharts, testpoint markers & more.

The PCS Digital Oscilloscope (Oscope) contains an extensive library of functions used for performing, viewing, and analyzing data collections. Test engineers can use Oscope to analyze the characteristics of tested parts and to detect noise and vibration anomalies.

Noise & Vibration
Identifying gear, shaft, or bearing quality in rotating systems.

Defective components produce a set of energies, or vibrations, different from those generated by good parts. Bauer provides proven anti-aliasing designs that allow our customers to collect accel, mic, and laser data using a position-based data acquisition system. Orders are easily seen, and obstructions to specific components can be readily identified.

Bauer NV has been used in hundreds of applications. Please call us to learn more.