Transmissions Mapping

Engines Mapping

xEV Battery Mapping

Diesel Mapping

Transmission Mapping Stand
Reduce costs by performing simultaneous engineering right at the Bauer Research & Technology Center.

Most FWD, RWD, longitudinal or transverse transmissions, transfer cases, and axles can be tested using Bauer’s mapping stand.

By performing mapping services at Bauer, we can shorten lead times and lower costs by performing software development while machines are being built.

Engine Mapping Stand
4 to 8 cylinder engines can be defect mapped using our flexible stand.

Noise & vibration issues? Assembly errors going undetected? Let Bauer Cold Test map your engine (up to 6L), and give you a detailed analysis report showing bearing problems, missing seals, contamination, rough bores and much more.

Need quality spill containment services? Bauer can help.

Battery Mapping
Bauer combines scalability with easy-to-change test plans making our battery development technology the choice of industry.

Bauer has what you need - flexible EOL test systems that grow with your business. We can help you develop a strategy that keeps costs down, while allowing you to have a system that meets your needs for today & tomorrow.

Diesel Mapping Stand
Small (up to 5L) & midrange (up to 9L) diesels can be mapped at Bauer’s technology center.

Diesels can be cold motored at Bauer to find common noise & vibration defects, assembly errors, and more. Save time & money by using our mapping equipment to help solve your manufacturing problems.