PC Test Control Software
The industry’s most popular, robust, easy-to-use test control software.

Completely redesigned, PCS provides more power than any test control software on the market. Models, test plans, & parameters changes can be made without diving deep into the code. Users can open multiple Oscope instances, and use extensive data analysis tools to improve quality & production performance.

New customers are stunned to learn the new features & benefits available right out of the box. Contact us to learn more.

Windows® Operating System
Based on Microsoft’s Windows® technology, .NET provides very flexible user experiences.

Fast. Accurate. Reliable. We’ve taken care to optimize the test control software to work flawlessly with Windows® operating systems and .NET technology.

If you’re an OEM that struggles with making your software Windows® compliant, maybe you should be using our PCS Lite for OEMs. Contact us to learn more.

OPC Compliant
PCS is designed to manage all aspects of automated test control.

PCS is OPC compliant, providing an open, flexible, plug-and-play software standard for software interoperability in the automation industry. In short, our software plays nicely with drives, plc’s, battery cyclers, specialty test equipment, RFIDs, barcode scanners, and much, much more.